As all-flash storage becomes the 'new normal' for mission-critical workloads, preventing downtime and protecting and retaining data is even more critical.  HPE 3PAR end-to-end availability, protection and retention solutions enable you to maximize uptime, reduce the risk of data loss, ensure rapid recovery and archive data while keeping it accessible.



Maximise uptime - prevent outages

Today’s businesses demand 24x365 availability of information with no tolerance for unplanned downtime for many applications and services.

With HPE 3PAR All-Flash Arrays, organizations can ensure near continuous availability for applications and infrastructure by eliminating planned and unplanned downtime – within, across and between all-flash data centers.



Reduce risk of data loss - ensure rapid recovery

The threat and risk of data loss is growing in both variety and volume - equating to lost revenue, lost productivity and lost reputation.

HPE Data Protection solutions provide a one stop to cover the complete continuum of data protection to meet any service level, any time - whether on-premises, virtual, hybrid or public cloud.



Retain and access data longer, for less

80 percent of your data is rarely or never accessed after 90 days of creation.

However, it’s business value means it still has to be retained and readily available over time.

HPE StoreEver Archive solutions enable you to reduce risk and improve efficiency with an intelligent archive enhanced for easy access, low cost, and reliable long-term retention.


Data Availability Guaranteed


Faster protection

1.52 EB

World’s highest capacity data storage system

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