HPE StoreOnce: when only maximum resilience will do.

HPE StoreOnce: when only maximum resilience will do.

Some people like to live life on the edge, facing their fears and trusting everything on the thinnest veneer of protection. After all, when you consider that the most integral part of a shark diving experience is the resiliency of your cage, how it's constructed and laid out suddenly becomes an important consideration. You only need to do a quick search of YouTube to see what happens when cages are poorly constructed. Cages assembled with nuts and bolts are clearly to be avoided. But in a welded cage, details are vital. Both MIG (metal inert gas) and TIG (tungsten inert gas) are solid techniques but only TIG welding, carried out by a consummate professional, is tough enough to withstand the charge of a great white. Facing your fears in the ocean, hundreds of miles from land, is not the place to make your safety checks.

Running a business is risky enough without taking it to the wire with your data. In keeping your data safe, an important consideration is resiliency. How quickly can you restore everything to normal should something wrong? Yet high end resiliency isn’t a mandatory feature of data protection solutions. Only just recently have a few vendors begun offering it as an extra (at additional cost) in their high end backup appliance. At HPE, we don’t think it’s an optional extra when protecting data and applications in large enterprises, much less one that you have to pay extra for. High-end resiliency features have been standard in all multi-node HPE StoreOnce 6000 family of backup appliances since 2012. So that you never have to suffer the consequences of data breach.

I don’t have to tell you that the pace of business is accelerating and your company has to move towards a real-time business model - where transactions and information sharing are near instantaneous. This transition is increasing demands not only on the performance and scalability of the underlying IT infrastructure but also its availability and reliability. As process timelines are compressed from weeks or days into hours, minutes or even seconds, the cost of downtime rockets. Almost all aspects of today’s business environment rely on the uninterrupted availability of platforms, applications and data.

How are StoreOnce Backup appliances any different?

How are StoreOnce Backup appliances any different?

The HPE multi-node StoreOnce 6600 with scale-out architecture provides high-end resiliency features with high availability to ensure that your backups will not fail and that your backups will restart in the event of a controller failure.

First, let’s talk about automatic restart and node failover features:

  • The StoreOnce 6600 is preconfigured and shipped with dual controllers in active/active configuration allowing access to all data during a node failover. A fully configured StoreOnce 6600 can scale up to 8 controllers.
  • Integration with Data Protector and several other backup applications provides additional capabilities to restart backup applications after a failover between StoreOnce 6600 controllers within a couplet.

StoreOnce 6600 is truly designed for high-availability:

  • RAID 6 is implemented as the minimum redundancy level so that each RAID set can survive a double disk failure.
  • The front-end controllers (nodes) within a couplet are configured in failover mode so that even if one controller fails, all critical non-replaceable aspects of that controller are transparently moved to another controller and the failed controller is disabled.
  • The dual storage controllers have cache mirroring between the RAID controllers. If a controller fails data is preserved and is written to the media by the other controller.
  • Dual paths between controllers and the disk drives provide additional redundancy.
  • Each couplet includes 8 hot-spare drives to protect against a disk failure.
  • Dual power supplies and fans, ensuring the hardware continues to operate at full performance if a power supply or fan goes offline.
  • Each controller (node) has mirrored system disks to store the device operating system software.
  • Each controller has at least two front-end ports per port type to support your existing external LAN/SAN fabrics. In case of a failure, there is still full access to every node in the device.
  • Hot add of server node or storage can be done without scheduled downtime.
  • Finally, with Federated Catalyst you can reduce data protection complexity issues caused when numerous backup stores are run across multiple nodes. Federated Catalyst allows your enterprise to deploy several StoreOnce 6600 couplets, each of which may have several backup stores and manage them all as a single store of data. The software allows IT administrators to pool the capacities of multiple storage nodes.

Investing in a 3PAR Flash Storage? Choose a data protection solution that can match the availability standards of your primary storage

3PAR StoreServ Al-Flash Arrays are designed to help minimize operational impact by delivering planned resilience. Full hardware redundancy is built into the system, mitigating all single points of failure. When appropriately configured, 3PAR Storage is capable of greater than “six nines” availability from a hardware perspective. That equates to 32 seconds downtime per year.

This is reinforced by end to end data integrity – from server host to flash media – with 3PAR Persistent Checksum, as well as seamless failover/failback for complete resilience with 3PAR Peer Persistence. And HPE Smart SAN for 3PAR makes fabric provisioning of hosts automated, easy and error free.

HPE StoreOnce 6600 backup appliances complement 3PAR resiliency by offering your enterprise a smarter and simpler approach to protecting your data. By building the right architecture focused on addressing high-end resiliency requirements for data protection, the HPE StoreOnce 6600 backup appliance is the architecture that other backup vendors are trying to emulate.

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