80% of your data is rarely used. So invest a smaller percentage to keep it safe

80% of your data is rarely used. So invest a smaller percentage to keep it safe

80% of your data is rarely or never accessed after 90 days of creation. However, the business value of much of this data means it still has to be retained and readily available over extended periods of time.

Imagine the efficiencies and risk reduction you could achieve by moving this static data from your tier 1 production environment to an active archive optimised for easy access, low cost and reliable long-term retention?  Primary storage budgets go further, performance improves, retention requirements are addressed and new analytical doors are opened.

HPE StoreEver Archive Manager creates an active archive by combining the accessibility of disk with the reliability and low cost of tape.  It does this by presenting HPE StoreEver tape libraries as a standard network share or mount point using Windows or Linux file sharing protocols through a disk buffer front end.  Users can easily save, search and retrieve data directly from the StoreEver archive.

HPE StoreEver Archive Migrator lets you easily identify and migrate inactive data from your primary storage to StoreEver Archive Manager - automatically and based on policy.  You can maintain transparent access to your data, even after it has been archived.

Here’s how it works:

Data is moved or migrated – manually or automatically - to the StoreEver Archive Manager disk buffer and written to StoreEver LTO tape using LTFS.   Most recently accessed or written files remain in the disk buffer until the buffer is full, at which point the oldest files are reduced to metadata only.  File searches continue to see all files archived and only when a read request is received are files moved back from tape to disk cache and on to the user.

The benefits

So what are the benefits of HPE StoreEver Archive Manager and Network Migrator for your organisation?

HPE StoreEver Archive Manager

  • Ease of Use: The StoreEver Archive Manager environment makes all content appear to the user as online, even though the data is stored on tape.  No tape media management or administration is required, and data is accessed from standard subdirectories in your familiar operating system interface.   This continuous accessibility is why StoreEver Archive Manager is superior to using traditional backup tools for archiving data.   Archive Manager is also seamless to your workflow, allowing a large range of applications to read and write data to a StoreEver tape-based archive without directly supporting tape libraries and protocols. 
  • Low cost:  HPE StoreEver Tape still offers one of the lowest costs per terabyte for any type of storage, particularly when you factor in energy and footprint costs.  A recent total cost of ownership comparison of an LTO library and a disk array concluded that over a 9 year period disk storage is 6 times the average TCO of tape.  The cost of energy and floor space alone for the average disk-based solution was almost equal to the entire TCO for the average tape-based solution.  
  • Reducing risk: Retrieval is straightforward too.  Integrated HPE StoreEver Data Verification software ensures business-critical data stored on tape media is accessible throughout its lifecycle.  A media-copy feature automatically creates a duplicate copy of selected archive volumes for offline and offsite storage and replication software creates greater system resilience and higher data availability - data always exists in two or more places!  Moreover, lightweight, rugged and encryptable HPE tape cartridges are easily and securely transported off site.   So data on tape can be held off-line for up to 30 years or more - safe from threats like cyber-attacks, data corruption and natural disasters. 
  • Scalable:  HPE StoreEver Archive Manager is effortlessly scalable. Adding capacity is simply a case of adding more tape cartridges to a tape drive or tape library.

The bottom line

HPE StoreEver Archive Manager and Network Migrator combine the access benefits of disk with the economics and long term retention benefits of tape.  Now you can keep more data longer, in an affordable way, and in a way that keeps the data accessible to your business line owners.   This comprehensive, tiered and converged active archive architecture – spanning software, disk and tape – will help you save time and money – and reduce risk.

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