Recover data at the speed of flash with RMC 4.1

Recover data at the speed of flash with RMC 4.1

This week HPE announced RMC 4.1 which expands RMC’s restore functionality to include 15X faster recovery with RMC Express Restore , lower cost recovery from the cloud with RMC Express Restore from StoreOnce CloudBank and more granular recovery with Veeam Explorer Integration. RMC software is included as standard with every 3PAR 8000, 3PAR 9000, 3PAR 20000 and StoreVirtual VSA model.

Let’s take a closer look at the data protection challenges that this solution is designed to address and overview the key features, benefits and value that RMC 4.1 can deliver HPE 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash customers.

3PAR Flash-Integrated Data Protection: reducing risk in the All-Flash Data Center

As mission-critical workloads migrate to flash, risk mitigation is critical. HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) integrates HPE 3PAR All-Flash Arrays with HPE StoreOnce Systems to provide a converged data protection service optimized for flash environments. It augments traditional backup approaches, combining the performance of snapshots and replication with the protection of backups.

HPE RMC provides seamless, application-managed snapshots and data movement to secondary HPE StoreOnce Systems, independent of backup server software. Only changed blocks are sent to the StoreOnce system. Every backup completes at the speed of an incremental, but is stored as a synthetic full backup, which makes application recovery faster and more efficient.

As a result, RMC offers faster backup and restore than traditional server based backup processes with no impact on the application server.

RMC also enables self-service application managed protection, lowers cost and complexity by reducing the need for a backup application, and reduces risk by protecting applications running on 3PAR against storage platform outage, file loss or application corruption beyond the oldest snapshot.

Watch this RMC video to learn how 3PAR end to end data integrity, high availability and flash-integrated data protection is enabling you to minimize risk and ensure resilience in the All-Flash Data Center.

What’s new in RMC 4.1?

RMC Express Restore – Fast recovery just got faster!

RMC Express Protect backup technology enables RMC to read only the snapshot differentials from 3PAR and move only the changed blocks to StoreOnce for fast, efficient backups. Likewise, RMC Express Restore technology similarly reads only the backup differentials from StoreOnce and moves only the changed blocks from StoreOnce to a target writable snapshot on 3PAR. In other words, Express Restore is Express Protect in reverse.

RMC Express Restore

RMC Express Restore further accelerates the recovery performance of RMC from a backup object on StoreOnce, enabling customers to meet shorter Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) with faster restores as well as reducing their use of network resources. Internal HPE performance testing has shown that RMC Express Protect enables 15X faster restores than traditional server based backup processes.

RMC Express Restore is designed for customers who want to recover mission critical application data more rapidly or frequently than allowed by traditional backup applications – for example a customer who has a highly transactional database and has tight Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). RMC Express Restore facilitates restore from backups in a similar time to restore from snapshots.

RMC Express Restore and StoreOnce CloudBank - Flash speed recovery from the cloud while reducing cost and complexity.

RMC Express Restore support for our recently announced StoreOnce CloudBank solution enables lower TCO for customers looking for fast backup and recovery from a Cloud Tier of Backup storage.

RMC Express Restore and StoreOnce Cloudbank

Cloud Service Providers allow practically free data storage, but charge $/GB for reading data out from the cloud tier, resulting in high recovery costs. With RMC Express Restore, by moving only changed blocks from the cloud tier back to the storage array, there is less data read out from the cloud tier, thus saving customers costly charges for recovery from the cloud tier.

RMC + Veeam Explorer integration - Granular restore of application items from RMC for VMware (RMC-V) Express Protect.

Veeam Explorer Integration with RMC enables granular recovery for critical business applications. Veeam Explorer is a tool that extends the functionality of Veeam Backup and Replication by allowing you to view and recover application items from within the application VM backup or replica.

RMC + Veeam Explorer integration

By leveraging Veeam Explorers for Active Directory/MS SQL/SharePoint/Oracle/Exchange, you can recover application items directly from RMC-V Express Protect backups (in addition to the file, VMDK and Datastore level recovery already provided by RMC-V).

This integration meets RMC-V customer needs for more granular recovery, combining the speed and affordability of RMC with the granularity of Veeam Explorer.

View this demo to see how you can use RMC-V and Veeam Explorer to recover anything from Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server and Oracle - easily and rapidly.

Accelerate time to value with simple configuration.

RMC 4.1 increases user time to value and ease of use with a simple configuration process. A new GUI configuration wizard provides a guided workflow for setting up protection policies and schedules. The result is an improved customer experience with an easy way to set up snapshot policies for retention/expiry, Express Protect Backup policies and Catalyst Copy policies.

Pricing and availability

RMC 4.1 is included as part of the standard all-inclusive 3PAR StoreServ licensing package and will be available from September 2017.  RMC integration with Veeam Explorer is available now.  

The bottom line

Backup is nothing without recovery. So when you invest in a new 3PAR All-Flash Array, make sure that you take advantage of the flash-speed and granular recovery that your applications demand, from edge to core to cloud. A storage integrated data protection solution is critical for getting the most from your migration to flash. If flash is the future of storage, then the future of data protection is 3PAR flash-integrated with RMC 4.1!

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