New HPE Enterprise tape library features are a towering achievement!

New HPE Enterprise tape library features are a towering achievement!

Just when you thought HPE tape storage couldn’t get any better, as of June 5 feature updates for the HPE T950 and HPE TFinity® ExaScale enterprise tape libraries will be made available.  Customers will soon be able to select from a range of additional features; including LTO and TS11xx mixed media configurations for the TFinity ExaScale, increased storage capacity using new TS1155 drives and media, additional encryption options for added security and a range of accessories for a unique data center setup.  ​

Tape is still a cost-effective backup choice for many, and with the latest LTO shipment figures for 2016 stating record shipments of 96,000 PB in total compressed tape capacity, tape is still moving full steam ahead!  Exponential data growth across a variety of industries, including Media and Entertainment, Education and Government – combined with rising demands for Digital Video Surveillance, higher quality content types and regulatory compliance requirements - all contribute to the popularity of tape remaining as a steadfast part of many businesses tiered backup solutions.

With this in mind, HPE’s enterprise tape libraries (HPE T950 and HPE TFinity ExaScale), will soon benefit from a variety of additional features and updates to provide our enterprise tape customers with choice and ultimate flexibility to meet these data growth trends and expectations. From June 5, customers can choose from:

Mixed media configurations

The HPE TFinity ExaScale tape library will be configurable for LTO and TS11xx mixed media in a single library. LTO and TS tape technology differ in both performance and price, but this new option will enable customers to use two different types of tape technology to address varying business requirements within their organization, provide flexibility to choose between media vendors dependent on their data retention needs, and keep the cost of long-term data storage down.

Increased storage capacity

With the release of IBM’s new TS1155 drives and media, the maximum storage capacity for both enterprise tape libraries is now even greater. With a 50% increase in total cartridge capacity (up to 15 TB native, 37.5 TB compressed) compared with the TS1150, customers can store and retain more data for longer and for less, without increasing their overall data center footprint. This capacity increase, makes HPE enterprise tape libraries an even more attractive and cost-effective means of long-term data storage when managing big data growth. The HPE T950 will now be able to store up to 285.5 PB* and the HPE TFinity ExaScale will be capable of storing up to 1.52 EB* of compressed enterprise data.

Support for TS1155 will increase the overall capacity of data stored

Additional encryption options

In a world where it is becoming increasingly important to protect sensitive and confidential data - particularly when we are reminded of the negative effects of ransomware attacks such as WannaCry – users should consider the levels of granularity required when defining encryption requirements. A range of encryption options are available to all of our enterprise tape customers for strong backup data privacy to meet the expectations of the most complex encryption requirements and deliver superior reliability.

In addition to HPE’s Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) which is available as an option for both enterprise libraries and uses the industry-standard KMIP protocol with a secure centralized encryption key management solution for LTO-7 and LTO-6, to provide strong auditable security and reliable lifetime key archival. New for June 5, BlueScale Professional encryption (LTO only), offers integrated encryption key management provided through the tape library’s user interface - without any need for an external server or encryption software and is suitable for customers who desire more than one encryption key for all data stored by a single tape library.

Alternatively, SKLM encryption (also available from June 5), provides organizations that have more complex and extensive encryption requirements, with a centralized and redundant key management solution – by enabling customers with multiple tape libraries to connect to a centralized key manager and granting all of the libraries access to the same encryption key store.

And more!

And if these additional features weren’t already enough, customers will also be able to brand their data centers with industry-unique custom graphics on HPE TFinity ExaScale frames and choose from a range of additional accessories for a truly unique data center setup.

Tape remains an effective and affordable enterprise storage solution for long-term retention and archive.  With a complete tape portfolio spanning entry through mid-range and enterprise – together with the additional features that have been added to our enterprise tape library offerings, HPE makes it even easier for our customers, to retain their data longer and for less.

HPE Tape Portfolio

Find out more about the details of this latest release by downloading the HPE T950 and HPE TFinity ExaScale tape library data sheets and additional resources posted in the StoreEver section.

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*2.5:1 compression ratio using TS1155 drives and media

Disclaimer: All features mentioned in this BURAmeter blog article are available to customers from June 5

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